The fees for recording are determined by the State of Ohio, as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code.

These fees consist of two parts: 50% is allocated as the basic recording fee, while the remaining 50% contributes to the Ohio Housing Trust Fund.

For detailed information, please refer to Ohio Revised Code Sections 317.32 and 317.36.

The recording fees for the majority of documents received and recorded are outlined below.

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317.32(A) Basic Recording Fee $34.00 for first two pages PLUS $8.00 for each additional page

Deeds, Mortgages, Leases, Easements, Land Contracts, Powers of Attorney, Certificates of Transfer, Mechanics' Liens, Declarations, Restrictions 

(Note:  Each printed side is one page)
317.32(C) Marginal Reference Documents $34.00 for first two pages PLUS $8.00 for each additional page PLUS $4.00 for each reference
  Releases, Assignments, Affidavits, Modifications, Waivers of Priority, Subordinations, Assumptions, Consents, Leasehold Mortgages, Lease Ratifications or Extensions, Oil & Gas Unit Declarations (Note: $4.00 Marginal Reference Fees may vary from county to county.  Please contact the recording county for additional information)
317.114 Non-Standard Fee $20.00 per document
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Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) - Financing Statements $12.00 plus, $4.00 for each name indexed
(Note: Debtor, Secured Party & Property Owner)
317.32 Plats & Condominium Drawings $0.10 per square inch; minimum fee of $40.00
  ORC 319.203 states each county shall adopt standards governing conveyances of real property.  These standards may set specific plat sizes and materials that a county will accept.  Please contact the recording county for their specific size requirements.  
317.09 Federal Tax Lien $5.00
317.09 Release/Partial Release of Federal Tax Lien $3.00
4123.78 Release of Workers Compensation Lien NO FEE
4141.23 Release of Employment Services Lien $4.00
5719.07 Release of Personal Property Tax Lien $4.00
317.24 Military Discharge NO FEE
317.32(K) Living Will/Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare MIN. $34.00 - Max. $40.00
    (Fees for one or both)
317.32(G) Zoning Resolutions $50.00 for text and maps
  (as required under ORC 303.11 and 519.11)  
317.32(H) Zoning Amendments $20.00
  (as required under ORC 303.12 and 519.12)  
  Copy Fees and Certified Copy Fees Fees vary from county to county.  Contact your county recorder for specific fees.